1. ahem. creep.

    ahem. creep.

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  2. To the number of followers I’ve picked up, over the couple of months I’ve been tumbling.. ThankYou to all 22 of you =)

    This will be my last post here.. I will be strting up a new tumblr pg in a few weeks.. if you wish to know about it, inbox me, n when I do so I’ll be sure to mssg you the new url. 

    God Bless ♥

  3. …AtLast

  4. … 2 weeks-n I shall be back ♥ Toodles till then Tumblrs.

  5. Cuteness..
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  7. Trapped..


  8. ♥ Without You - David Guetta feat Usher

  9. Mmmm.. If only…

    Mmmm.. If only…

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  10. Eeyor ♥

    Eeyor ♥

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  11. hehe.. hehehe..
    hehehahahaha.. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!


    ~ sighs.. mhm.mhmhm..hehe..hehahahahahaha!! PahahaHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! 



  12. Oh ?.. Loll

    Oh ?.. Loll

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